ADB-151231 windows within windows inside imitations of parodies

151231 All-Day —Breakfastwindows within windows inside imitations of parodies—#77

I have this compulsion to take photographs of phone booths. When people ask why (and they often ask why) I tell them I am documenting an endangered species. I must have hundreds of pics from many different countries, streets, and malls. If I’m with my son, he will always point them out, like spotting a white Rhino, and ask me if I have tagged that one yet. It’s like being in the National Geographic Society of technology and communication.

This Christmas, Baz (my son) got a Lego Dimensions game which affords him the ability to walk freely around Springfield in Lego form. When he saw this bank of phones he called me over to capture the scene. It was so absurd to be taking a photograph of public telephones in a parody of a parody—inside a game, on a TV.

Baz set up the shot by backing his character (Batman) against a wall which shifted the perspective and game me the perfect opportunity. I raised my phone, and as I clicked the shutter a random NPC (non-player character) walked, totally oblivious, right in front of my shot. It was the Simpsons trouble-maker Snake. Both of us burst into laughter at the random comic timing and utter oddity of the situation.

I hope 2016 brings me more Snake Jailbirds strolling unknowingly into my frame, through windows within windows inside imitations of parodies, just so I can share more joy with others. Goodbye 2015! I learned a lot from you this year!

The Simpsons’ Albert Knickerbocker Aloysius Snake aka Snake Jailbird

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