Creation begets creation, people!


160129 All-Day Breakfast—Creation begets creation, people!—#106

Beta tested my creative agency card game called Pitch Deck with about 13 people from work last night. It was a ridiculous amount of fun. My favourite part of the game is the power-tripping that happens spontaneously due to shifting [power dynamics]. There are still a few bugs to work out, but my peeps were having too much fun to notice. Lot’s of laughter and a plethora of crazy ideas. We even had an 8-year-old on one of the teams who totally held her own. Someday this year I’d like to use the creative momentum of ADB to launch a Kickstarter campaign to get this thing made for real [so far all 125 cards are hand-markered]. I can see it as a creative aide and an agency ice-breaker. Creation begets creation, people!

“Win the game. Lose your soul.” Find out more about PITCH DECK at

Pitch Deck: Advertising — Win the game. Lose your soul.™

PITCH DECK® isn’t finished yet, but is well on its way to becoming real. I have spent over twenty years in advertising and would never presume to bite the hand that feeds. Please be aware that this description is with tongue-firmly-in-cheek.

Pitch Deck: Advertising

PITCH DECK—The “win the game by losing your soul” advertising card game!

The basics of PITCH DECK are simple: 
Pitch crazy ideas to clients and win their accounts for fame and fortune.

Remember when creative director Don Draper, from the television show Mad Men, pitched clients with eloquent ideas based on his insight into the human condition? Advertising is nothing like that.

Advertising is the art of deception and incompetence— which preys on the ignorant and insecure — to obtain undeserved wealth.

It is represented by these five cards:
MEDIA CARDS=Incompetence
EGO CARDS=Insecurity
ACCOUNT CARDS=Undeserved Wealth

Imagine if Pictionary and Cards Against Humanity had a baby… and then it grew up to be a substance-abusing, self-loathing narcissist. This is a game of nepotism and gnashing of teeth; a game of envy and frustration.

But it’s also a sh*tload of fun. You’ll twist your brain into unexpected shapes as you attempt to sell ice to Inuits or veal to vegetarians. You’ll make your friends laugh and cry (but mostly cry) as you attempt to explain incomprehensible ideas. You’ll feel petty and powerful as your unfair decisions throw the whole group into a berserker rage.

And when someone wonders, rhetorically, what it’s like to work in advertising you can smile knowingly and pity their limited worldliness.

Welcome to Pitch Deck®!

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