Do not try to live in the future because it won’t fit you yet


T · R · A · N · S · I · T · I · O · N
Noun—to be in the process of going from one state to another.

But what if, like Jeff Goldbloom in The Fly, you’re not exactly sure what state you are transitioning into? Or like the poor man in Metamorphosis, you simply wake up in a different state overnight (in his case as a giant insect) but have no idea what got you there?

Healing is a transition, usually from broken to whole (or at least mended). I’ve been through a few transitions of my own—each with their own measure of pain and transcendence. I've been generous, I’ve been cruel, I’ve been smart and I’ve been thoughtless. [Not necessarily in that order!]

I used to think my mantra was


but that tricked me into never feeling good enough, never being enough in the moment. My own attempt at thinking ‘positively’ had a negative outcome and actually made me feel ashamed at my own human faults and failings. If I had to pick a new mantra for the rest of my life it might be


—forgive who you are now, love yourself, embrace your nowness—but also know you will change, you are plastic, you will continue to grow/learn/improve. And so will your work.

On this, my forty-fourth birthday, I wish all of you the ability to love where you are at in this moment and know that there is even more of you to become in the future—BUT do not try to live in that future now because it won’t fit you yet.


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