It’s a meh meh meh meh world


160429 All-Day Breakfast—It’s a meh meh meh meh world—#197

The most dismissive of comments. Denotes superiority and boredom—indifference. A verbal shrug.

When I was a kid…

Here we go.

But seriously, was there this much indifference back in the day?



Uh-huh. You just didn’t notice it.

How come?

Because you were…

Are you gonna say what I think you’re gonna say?

Well, because you were…

Don’t say it! Don’t say I was indifferent!

I was going to say ignorant.

Ignorant?! Of what?

You were less experienced. Less worried.

I was worried all the time!

Yeah, but you were worried about the little things. Like your grades, or whether you were going to get pushed around by other kids. Small stuff.

You call that small stuff?

Well, to you it was big, but to the world at large, it was insignificant.


It wasn’t until you had kids that you really started to see the bigger state of the world. It was the first time you actually took a step back.

True. Sort of.

Totally true. The things you cared about, politically or otherwise, were to further your own relationships. It was personal, never altruistic.

Are you sure?

Pretty sure. Have to been to any rallies lately? Held up a picket sign? Yelled slogans?

I voted.

Good for you.

Hey, don’t give me that attitude. When I was a kid…

Here we go again.

Yeah, here we go! When I was a kid, people respected authority. They listened to their parents. They sat down when the teacher asked them to sit down. They gave up their seat on the bus. They didn’t sass back or they got…

They got what?

They got… punished.

A smack?

A spanking.

Corporal punishment? You want to go back to beating up kids?

No, no. Of course not.

Then what are you saying? Kids actually respected authority when you were little? They listened better?


Because people hit them?

NO! I…

Where you ever beaten up by other kids? Bullied?

Yes… but…

And has your kid been beaten up?

No… but…

Then things are changing. And does your kid know how to talk to an adult?

Yeah, I think so. I have two of them.

You have two adults?

No, smartass. I have two kids.

Okay, do your kids know how to talk to adults?

Yeah. Of course they do. What does that have to do with anything?

Did you know how to talk to adults when you were little?

Well… sure. I…

Really? I mean really talk to them. Express yourself, question authority.

You know, for a conscience, you interrupt people a lot.

Not people, just you. And don’t change the subject. Do you believe kids should question authority?

Yes, they’ll be preyed on less if they know how to stand up for themselves. But when I was a kid you still respected authority.


By… by… by staying quiet and doing what you were told.

Ha! And that was better?

I don’t know. You’re twisting things around…

Am I? I’m so sorry. I thought you said you wanted it like the good ol’ days where kids were beaten, bullied, and kept their mouths shut.

Ugh! Stop that!

Stop what?

Stop making it sound like the good old days weren’t so good.

Well were they?

You are insufferable, you know that?

I’d call myself persistent.


Did you just say, “Whatever”? That’s your grand retort?


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