More and peace (it’s never enough)


160412 All-Day Breakfast—More—#180
Everything is amazing and nobody is happy. —Louis C.K.

Way in the future, people will carry around tiny supercomputers—in their pockets!

These supercomputers will look like small, smooth slabs, about the size of a bar of chocolate.

You’ll be able to talk to it, and it will answer your queries by voice.

People will never get lost because this device will understand exactly where you are located on earth.

People will never forget because this device will be equipped with powerful recording equipment, and everyone will be recording things all the time.

People will never not know, because this device will be connected, through space, to all of the world’s knowledge.

People will never get bored because this device will have infinite entertainment—from casual games to elaborate education.

People will never get lonely because they’ll be able to see, hear, and talk to anyone else with the push of a button.

Oh, and people will bitch about scratches or cracks on their screens because they will constantly drop and abuse this thing.

Wait, what?

They will even complain about what colours the device comes in.

But it’s a Super Computer! If I told you I had a cape that would turn you into a god, would you complain if it didn’t match your wardrobe?

They would and they do. They also whine about how long the battery lasts.

Seriously? How long does it last?

On the worst of them? Half a day.

Holy shit. That’s crazy!

Tell me about it. And here’s the worst part.

There’s a worse part?

Yup. No one’s happy with it.

With what? Their almost infinately powerful supercomputer?

That’s right.

How do you know this?

Because once a year, a new model is released that is slightly better than the last one. People discard their old phones like garbage. Or hand them to the nearest baby.

Babies have super computers?

Mm-hmm. But they’re old. The computers, not the babies.

They are old after one year? But it’s a super computer! Don’t they have enough already?

People never stop wanting more. You could give them infinity and they’d get accustomed to it and start grumbling. Soon, someone would offer them infinity plus one, and they’d jump at the chance to relieve their boredom.

The future sounds amazing, but the people not so much.

Don’t even get me started on climate change.

What’s that?

Never mind. You won’t believe it anyway.

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