Ok, what now?


160416 All-Day Breakfast—Ok, what now?—#184

Seriously. I mean it.

After 184 days of posting, I am falling behind. These issues are coming at a price and sometimes the price is too high. The value of All-Day Breakfast fluctuates with the market, and the market is my psychological state multiplied by the response and divided by my hope for the future.

So here’s my most common wish:

What if All-Day Breakfast made money? And what if it made enough money for me to devote myself to it full-time?

Terrible, terrible idea. It is the monkey’s paw of wishes. It would ruin everything.

The only reason All-Day Breakfast works (for me) is because of it’s flexible and spontaneous nature. It fits my schedule, it fits my mood. It adapts to my needs and becomes a reflection of my life.

If you throw money into that beautiful mess, then how do you make genuine choices? How do you separate the legitimate from the desired? I need to be a lot more certain about what ADB actually is first.

So what is it?

It’s an expression of creativity and the human condition. It is a human trying to make sense of his surroundings. It is an active routine, creative momentum to push me forward into new territories and new projects. It is a creative catalyst. It is my ignition switch.

So what now?

It’s time to step on the gas!

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