Peace is pieces


170629 All-Day Breakfast — Peace is pieces — #259

Sometimes I use Title Case (alternating between strict and loose rules regarding prepositions). Alternatively, I use sentence case. Other times I use ALL-CAPS, or even Drop Caps on a whim. Ultimately, I do what I feel like in the moment, but with a clear understanding of the norms.

What are the component parts, how do they work normally, and how can they be rearranged to add interest? What does this specific word mean, both in and out of context? How does this image juxtapose or compliment the story? Overthink the details, then underthink the effort.

On my artistic license it says:

Ever know what to do, then do whatever.
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All-Day Breakfast is a daily reflection on creativity and the human condition in the modern age. This is issue #259 of 555.

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