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Premature articulation leads to dopamine depletion


160505 All-Day Breakfast—Premature articulation—#204

I won’t let you tell me your idea.

I’m sitting at the bar with my friend Dylan. We talk about movies, mentors, child rearing, and fairy lore. Finally we talk about novel writing.

He’s about to rent a century old schoolhouse to do some work on his horror novel. He won’t let me read a word, and hasn’t told me much about it. I know it involves a detective.

My friend Scott is writing a sci-fi novel. Every day he posts how many words he’s written, and sometimes a snippet of the text, completely out of context. I know it is set in the future, and one of the major characters is an Artificial Intelligence.

My friend Richard has finished a book about Tom Thompson, the Canadian painter. He’s been working on it for years, ever since I knew him. The editing is done and he’s shopping it around for publication.

I’m feeling a bit left out.

“I have an idea for an epic sci-fi/fantasy series—,” I start but Dylan cuts me off immediately.

“I don’t want to hear it,” he says flatly. Dylan can be an imposing figure, both in stature and voice. He is being kind to me.

“If you explain your story,” he continues, “you will unbind the part of you that needs to tell it. The ache to share is also your drive to create. Don’t blow it on me, here, now in this bar.”

I am silent for a few moments. Dylan gets up to use the restroom. With a gesture, I order another drink.



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