The best and worst breakfasts of my life


160528 All-Day Breakfast—Huevos con espinacas and toast made by my daughter—#227

Most days I skip breakfast and go straight to the hard stuff: dark coffee with milk.

On some days I scarf down a boiled egg or have a quick smoothie.

On the bad days I buy a ‘breakfast sandwich’ at Starbucks or McDonalds.

On the worst days, I’m in a hospital eating congealed scrambled eggs and stale toast.

Once in a blue moon, when I am not pressed for time, I will make my own breakfast, usually an omelette with cheese, mushrooms and spinach.

On good days I go out for breakfast and have huevos rancheros or a waffle.

On holiday sleep-overs I’ll be party to a giant breakfast of bacon, eggs, and pancakes.

On great days I wake up at a hotel and have strawberry yogurt with granola.

On summer vacation days I might have a chocolate and banana crêpe.

On fantastic days I’m in Europe and eating a baguette with sliced cheese and meat, or in Asia and eating congee.

On the best days of all, breakfast is served in bed and it doesn’t matter what it consists of.

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