The rushes, they come (how life is a three-legged stool)


160506 All-Day Breakfast—The rushes, they come—#205

Sometimes the world knocks you down.

Other times it hits you with a truck and chases you down with a shovel as you crawl bleeding into the rushes.

My friend Shawn told me that life is a three-legged stool propped up by the following legs:

  1. Family (belonging)
  2. Health (sustenance)
  3. Work (earnings)

Appreciate the times when all legs are stable and on the ground (if ever).

If one leg is crippled or broken (divorce, cancer, or layoffs), it becomes more difficult but you can still lean on the remaining legs while you repair.

If two legs are broken, life becomes a stressful, spinning balancing act. It’s only a matter of time before the third leg goes unless you can fix one of the other two.

If all three go at once… But you don’t want to even think about that.

I would add another leg:

4. Creation (giving)

Perhaps it’s not a fourth leg at all, but a prosthesis. It’s a stand-in, a support. In case of emergency, break glass and grab creation.

Or maybe it is just a leg-strengthener, a brace, a splint.

The rushes, they come
in waves of unrelenting
indifference. Yet…
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