Weatherhead Moonheart (the inevitable creator in all of us)


160512 All-Day Breakfast—Weatherhead Moonheart—#211
Broken hearts make it rain
Broken hearts
Pieces of a ragdoll mankind
That you can’t create
That you can’t create
That you can’t
Pieces of a wreck of mankind
That you can’t create
That you can’t create
That you can’t

Weatherhead Moonheart.

I first wrote this self-ascribed designation in 1992, in a little black notebook. It was my poetic alter-ego, a description of the fledgling artistic self. It combined the local and the global, the intellectual and the visceral. It was an expression of cycles and chaos theory. But mostly it just sounded cool to my altered state.

The head is more erratic than the heart, less predictable. It tries too hard. It wants to outthink itself. It strains to rationalize the absurd, to personalize the indifferent. It wants to make everything relevant to the host. At the same time, unbeknownst to itself, it is at the mercy of a complex environment of brain chemicals, fuel choices, and fight or flight stimuli. Its response is as predictive as weather—that is to say wildly variant with a slight chance of being correct at certain times. As the saying goes, even a stuck clock tells the right time twice a day. Weatherhead is local, insular, and prone to extreme atmospheric alerts.

Contrary to popular belief, the heart is more predictable than the head. Its beats may vary, but rarely outside the extreme or the host will die. It can run without thought. Feelings ebb and flow with the movement of heavenly bodies. Attraction and distraction slingshot in concentric circles, abiding by the laws of gravity and pheromones. Infatuation, consumption, reproduction, connection, recognition, revulsion, retribution, communication, absolution, fusion—all the –sions and –tions orbit the heart like comets, appearing and reappearing with their own revolutions. Moonheart is universal, cyclical, and prone to black holes and supernovas.

Fast forward twenty-some odd years and this cosmological label feels more relevant than ever. Complex patterns within cycles. Some move fast and some move slow, but the velocity is relative to your position in space and time. The mind and the body work in concert, sometimes melodic, sometimes dissonant, and sometimes they burn the whole opera house down.

Weatherhead Moonheart is the passionate, volatile, inevitable creator in all of us.

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