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New Collection: MudSkippers

All-in-NFTs brings you a new collection. Designed by two young, talented artists from Mauritius. With the drop in tourism due to the pandemic these artists picked up their design skills and made a collection. We provided them with advice and took on the technical aspect. This collection will launch on

Introducing MudSkippers

In an alternate reality, humankind and most other species were wiped out by a nuclear accident. The Mudskippers from Mauritius survived and evolved into intelligent species that live in water and on land. One of the new traits they developed is “Swag”. It’s pretty impressive that they have this trait, have you ever seen a Mudskipper on land? It’s hard to look cool when you move like that. The fact that they reside in muddy areas doesn’t help much either. These Mudskippers however mastered swag like no other!


MudSkippers are generative, we have created 220 unique artworks including metadata, out of more than 10.000 possibilities. These were all randomly created by our code. 20 of them will be used for promotional activities, the remaining 200 will be sold through our front-end.

Release date:
Wednesday, February 09 at 16:00 UTC

35 WAN ($14,50 at the time of release article)

All NFTs will be minted through our DApp which works with MetaMask. After mint, you can find out which one you got on The link to the DApp will be announced before the launch on Twitter, our Telegram Group, and the Zoo Ecosystem Telegram channel.

Update: here is the link:


All NFTs will be revealed on on 16 Februari.

Unlock for future events:

All holders of a MudSkipper NFT will automatically be whitelisted for upcoming All-in-NFTs releases.


Please follow our Twitter for the details of our 20 NFT giveaway contest. Details will be announced soon.

Additional links:


About All-in-NFTS

An idea often never transforms from a figment of imagination into practice, not because the idea is bad, but because a lack of knowledge inhibits it from coming into full fruition. We aim to bring together people with different skillsets to collaborate on these ideas and make them happen.

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