Brexit Hysteria!

There is currently a 1.5 million signature long petition demanding that the recent #Brexit referendum (I believe that was its official name) be rerun.

The undersigned are requesting a retroactive law be put in place that referenda have to constantly be rerun until one side reaches a 60% plus majority on a 75% plus turnout. This petition is a direct result of the post referendum panic that engulfed the Remain camp on the morning of, what they considered to be, an unacceptable result.

This panic is totally unnecessary as it is founded on a misconception. Many in the Remain camp believe the referendum was to make a decision. It was not, it was only to sense a mood. Legally it had no more validity than a Twitter poll. That is why the UK was still in the EU this morning, will be tomorrow, and remains in the EU until, to paraphrase David Cameron, October-abouts at the latest.

So, how then can society solve the problem of the Brexit Hysteria?

I propose this: we should politely request that the media cease incorrectly reporting that “Britain Has Left The EU”

Instead they should use the more accurate “Britain May Now Leave The EU If It’s Government Decides To Respect The Will Of The Public”

See, isn’t that much better? Gone now the feelings of “Oh my God what have I done”, on a par with Charlton Heston’s phobia of couped statues of Liberty, to be replaced with the more familiar feeling of knowing that the powers that be will carefully weigh up what the people want against what they know is best for them.

Because it is very important for the average voter to remember that despite the number of it-just-boils-down-to-this’s that each side trotted out before the vote, it is actually now much more complicated than that.