Middle Tennessee
Call it your goal;
So when you reach it, it makes sense

But..it won’t.

Kingston, NY
The Chilean. The comrade.
And the ghost.
The isms that have brought you this far.
And the irony of unmatched parallels.

The Journey will continue, the road will wind more..

Lincoln Tunnel
Something will give and many will take.
It is not up to you to determine the how of it all. The truth of the matter is all that matters.
If truth was easy to hold, we would all be free.
If promises were made to be kept, we would dare less.

If ever I falter, I shall be better for it..

Brooklyn, a few steps outside the Temple
When the dust settles with the fog, I will rise with the forever setting sun. I will greet the day lovingly. I will shed a grateful tear and fall into the path of unwoven dreams.
The girl who constructs her own truths; the bird that sings her own tunes.

Post Script:

(The truths I construct are not a decorum or a new standard I impose on to society. Rather they are earnest and heartfelt declarations I have realized in my journey. With each slight turn, I am reminding myself it is all a part of the whole. I am remembering to count my breath even through gritted teeth. Most of all, I have been holding on to those intrinsic gifts I know to be true. Gifts such as love, acceptance, and inner peace. Sometimes I lose sight of it all. Reason evades and bitterness takes over. So, I sit. Count my breath and blessings alike. I close my eyes and let the moment do what it must. Sometimes the moment takes longer than it necessary but I try not to rush it. Being patient with the pain of the moment allows the next peaceful moment to sustain me longer. The uncertainty and the harmony is the romance of the journey.)