The real chasm

Joaquín Mencía
May 10, 2016 · 3 min read

This is a rant. This post comes from the gut. Just want to let off the steam.

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Once every short time, news, blogs, polititians and opinion leaders are talking about making our society in Spain more and more entrepreneurial and it takes the shit out of me.

First of all, because Spain is an entrepeneur’s country. Our problem is a matter of growth and scaling up, not a matter of taking the risks. Won’t go deep on that, just a fact: this is a country of microcompanies. And Government’s duty is to stimulate growth, not take advantage of this companies to feed it yearning for tax income.

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Anyhow, we tend to pin the blame for our problems to abstract entities. Say Government, politicians, neocapitalism/neoliberalism, tax hunters, genetic heritage or The Illuminati. Say whatever you want.

There are three basic components determining our ability to create or scale a business, and two of them have been fucked up because of globalization, economies of scale and marginal cost reduction during the last 25 years:

  1. Access to capital. Tons of readings out there about to get money to start/scale your business. It’s obvious that the amount of available money and the tools you can access nowadays is way larger that 25 years ago. You don’t need a bank or a wealthy Maecenas at all.
  2. Access to knowledge. An explanation about how you can access a world-class education for free nowadays is not needed. You can learn Python, microeconomics, genomics, philosophy or languages for almost free. You want it, you get it. There is no excuse.
  3. Support & encouragement.

This is the key issue about everything. All educative institutions and all gurus will talk you about the first two steps but nobody is going to tell you to look inside yourself.

Personal heritage is probably the most important brake or accelerator of your ambitions. You will have to face your inner thoughts and the outer noise: we are not meant to do that; play it safe; think four times about it…

Check out for support; meet people trying to build but also meet people trying to scale traditional businesses.

And, businessmen, entrepreneurs, VCs, please, never forget to talk teens, kids, young men about the third prong. They are tired to read and listed about business plans, raising money, being disruptive or focus on operations; most of the times, the push they need is related to feel there is people out there that can understand their fears.

This is the valley we need to build.

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