Isiah Rosa — All Star

We teach our students to celebrate failure, but hustle with passion towards success. For this year’s #AllStarStudded week, we’ll share a few of our students’ stories, and show how they exemplify the mission of our program.

Austin Carvey and Mamadou Diallo, two of our alumni from SI 2014, dared greatly by founding The Young Hackers, an organization that aims to bring together high school students from diverse backgrounds who are interested in technology and programming. Since 2014, The Young Hackers has successfully built a strong community of young programmers through workshops, hackathons, and various collaborative projects. Before Austin and Mamadou graduated high school, they built a team of leaders to “pass on the torch” so that The Young Hackers can continue to function as a hub for up-and-coming high school programmers.

Isiah Rosa, a 2015 ASC Alum, dared greatly taking on the leadership role of Co-Director for the Young Hackers this year, as Mamadou and Austin went off to college on the West Coast. Isiah spoke to the 2016 SI students this summer to get them engaged and continue the strong path from ASC to Young Hackers.

Isiah is currently attending The High School for Math, Science and Engineering. Check out more stories like Isiah’s, and see how All Star Code continues to foster excellence by thumbing through our 2016 Annual Report.

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