Jared Foxhall — All Star

We teach our students to celebrate failure, but hustle with passion towards success. For this year’s #AllStarStudded week, we’ll share a few of our students’ stories, and show how they exemplify the mission of our program.

Jared began SI 2016 with no coding experience. He immediately became a leader in his cohort and was able to mobilize his peers with his energy. Jared built strong relationships with the teaching staff, particularly Teaching Fellow and 2014 Alum Austin Carvey.

During Demo Day week, Jared stayed at Austin’s house one night and Austin helped him with his project, TweetSweep. As a website, TweetSweep is a tool that aims to help people keep their communities clean using the power of social media. Utilizing Twitter and Google Maps APIs, TweetSweep will locate where trash is in your neighborhood for other people to find and clean up.

Jared and Austin stayed up late and Austin showed him specific tricks for working with Firebase in Python, instead of Javascript. Jared also learned how to use the Twitter API without a browser, which helped him finalize TweetSweep.

Jared is currently attending The Masters School in Dobbs Ferry. Check out more stories like Jared’s, and see how All Star Code continues to foster excellence by thumbing through our 2016 Annual Report.

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