Nate Antoine — All Star

We teach our students to celebrate failure, but hustle with passion towards success. For this year’s #AllStarStudded week, we’ll share a few of our students’ stories, and show how they exemplify the mission of our program. As a preview, check out Nate, one of our first All Stars!

Nate was an All Star long before participating in the SI. Nate attended All Star Code’s first ever workshop at Spotify in 2013 and kept a close eye on the pro­gram waiting to apply. Nate believes, “All Star Code is perfect for anyone, even if you don’t have a desire to study programming specifically or are unsure. It helps its students in teamwork, public speaking, and developing startups.”

Nate was a strong leader to his peers throughout the whole summer, ultimately working as the project manager for his group’s final project, Near Me!, an app for finding local events. He continues that leadership today as Cohort President, a position which he was voted into by his peers, where his responsibilities include keeping his cohort connected for life.

Nate sees himself going on to continue independent study of many of the topics introduced during the SI as well as further develop his per­sonal brand: NATE+ (

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