“It was a little bit of kismet…” said our Founder & Executive Director Christina Lewis Halpern in today’s Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Indeed, we are thrilled to share that New York-based All Star Code will target Pittsburgh as its first expansion city.

An article in today’s Pittsburgh Post Gazette promotes All Star Code’s interest as a tangible benefit from the blockbuster White House Frontiers Conference, hosted this past Thursday at Carnegie Mellon and University of Pittsburgh.

Click here to learn about the warm welcome ASC received from the Mayor of Pittsburgh and the exciting innovation and growth happening in the city.


All Star Code has always been an ambitious idea: Only 1% of VC-backed startups have a black or Latino founder, and we know that is unacceptable. And where better to foster entrepreneurial talent than New York City? The hustle is deep in the Big Apple’s DNA, and, as the famous line goes, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

Now, as we grow to 1,000 students annually by 2020, we, along with our Board of Directors, asked ourselves, “Where should we go next?”

We knew we wanted a regional expansion, and we needed a few things to be in place for it to work: a growing high tech sector; strong potential partnerships with local universities, businesses, and nonprofit organizations; and, of course, a population of under-served young men who would be interested in and benefit from our program.

Sixth in the nation in VC-backed tech companies, Pittsburgh has caught the eye of the tech/startup world. Hip, livable and primed for growth, Pittsburgh represents one of the best new innovation hubs in the country. A national leader in 21st century industries such as robotics, healthcare, and high tech, Pittsburgh’s modern service economy still reflects the “maker” culture of its manufacturing roots.


Expansion is a big undertaking; we have to maintain All Star Code’s strong values and successful program while fully embedding into the new city’s unique culture and local opportunities. We believe Pittsburgh is the best choice for our expansion, but we need your help to make it happen.

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