Shuh Islam — All Star

We teach our students to celebrate failure, but hustle with passion towards success. For this year’s #AllStarStudded week, we’ll share a few of our students’ stories, and show how they exemplify the mission of our program.

Before the SI even started, Shuh sought out Cyril, ASC’s lead instructor at Alley, at orientation and asked about our support for “slow learners.” Daring greatly to put himself out there as someone who might struggle, he was really helping Cyril be a better instructor for him.

Over the course of the six weeks, Shuh wrestled with computing concepts, but never gave up. He stayed late to get tutoring with the things he was struggling with, but he also used this time to show those places where he excelled. Working late with Shuh, Cyril found out that he built his own computer and creates instructional YouTube videos for others hoping to do the same.

Cyril and Shuh also did some extracurricular hacking of a USB car charger to create a DIY portable cellphone charger. Shuh’s final project married his new and hardwon web design skills with his interest in political activism to create Rally, a platform for people to find grassroots organizations in the causes that are important to them.

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