Customising your Salesforce’s theme with the Lightning Theme Builder

We’re proud the announce the public Alpha of our Lightning Theme Builder and Lightning Restyler, two free products that allow you to create your own themes and branding for Salesforce.

Completely overhaul your Salesforce experience

At Ceterna, a leading Gold Salesforce Partner, one of the most frequent asks we get by our clients is how can they make Salesforce look, well, less like Salesforce, and more like their own branded CRM tool.

Here at Ceterna Labs we’ve been hard at work creating a way for anyone to create their own theme for Salesforce, resulting in two products, the Lightning Theme Builder and the Lightning Restyler.

Building a new theme

First things first we needed an easy way for users to create a new theme -enter the Lightning Theme Builder.

The Lightning Theme Builder

From the builder, you can customise different aspects of Salesforce, such as the headers, buttons, text, links, logo and more, to create a theme that matches your brand or personal preferences.

Re-creating Ceterna’s branding

Once you’ve built a theme, you can export it to get a theme code. By itself this code is pretty useless, which is where the Lightning Restyler comes in.

Applying the themes

The Lightning Restyler is a browser extension (currently for Chrome, but Safari and Firefox are on the way!) that allows you to manage and apply the themes that you’ve built.

The Lightning Restyler

The extension loads the customisation options from your theme, creates the required stylesheets, then applies these to the page before it loads, meaning you don’t see the default page style at all!

By clicking ‘Add’ you can import the theme code of a theme you built in the Lightning Theme Builder, then click on it to instantly apply that theme.

You can easily switch between themes, delete old themes, or turn it off by selecting ‘No Theme’.

No one left behind

As an added bonus, the Lightning Restyler will also attempt to update Salesforce Classic based on the theme you have loaded!

Give a breath of fresh air to your legacy systems

Although it’s not perfect, and System Administrator pages do not get styled, Salesforce Classic gets a massive overhaul, meaning you’re not going to get left out from having a customised Salesforce experience if you still haven’t made the switch to Salesforce Lightning.

Future plans

Both of the products are currently in a public Alpha, so we’d love to here your feedback as you use them. Along with any input we get, we already have plans to add new features and customisation options including:

  • Firefox & Safari versions of the Lightning Restyler
  • Ability to load in custom fonts
  • Customise card, input and table element backgrounds, allowing for completely dark UI themes to be built
  • Better support on older Classic pages

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoy using both the Lightning Theme Builder, and the Lightning Restyler.
We’d love to hear any feedback or issues you have, you can message us here or reply in the comments below!