Cyber Threats You Should Watch Out For This Year

“Every minute, we are seeing about half a million attack attempts that are happening in cyberspace.”
-Derek Manky, Fortinet global security strategist.

Such is the extent of cyber crimes and security threats in the world today… machine to machine attacks, headless worms etc is the kind of vocabulary used in the cyber-security language. This kind of vocabulary manages to incite the level of fear that is ought to be appropriate, considering all we have is at stake.

1. Smartphone Vulnerability Threats

The myriad vulnerabilities in your smartphone can be easily exploited to obtain personal and crucial data. These vulnerabilities might crop up from the type of applications you have been using or downloading on your phone without doing proper justice to research prior to downloading. Smartphones are also pretty vulnerable to malware which is capable of capturing screenshots and logging keystrokes. So you have to take utmost care before downloading any app or opening any random email.

2. Machine To Machine Attack

By the year 2020, it is expected that the number of connected devices will shoot up to 20 billion. For every homo sapien, there will be two or three connected devices, such will be the size of the web of devices. The colossal number of connected devices gives a massive pool of opportunity to hackers, as the surface area increases so does the scope of loopholes. There is a huge pool of information and many times a few them will take a backseat putting a lot of information at stake.

3. Headless Worms A Potential Threat

This year will also witness the headless worms paving its pay from one device to another. 2016 will majorly witness headless worms mostly malicious code targeting the headless devices like the smartwatches, healthcare wearables, etc. And the threat just multiplies when it can nurture on the consecutive devices that are connected to a single infected device.

4. Identity Theft

One of the rapid paced growing crime in the world of cyber crimes is that of identity theft. Phishing emails and data breaches are few of the most common methods to access the information which is personal to you and can be easily used or manipulated to personify you. Your identity can also be at risk from least expected stuff like your resume, social media accounts, photographs, etc. The hackers might steal your identity and do something as simple as opening a loan account in your name. While some are beyond the capacity of an average person but a few things should be kept safe and taken care of to avoid such malicious consequences.

5. Healthcare Data Hacks

Another vital domain which is under potential threat is healthcare. If the medical data is being hacked millions of lives will be affected and the confidential data of a large number of families will be at stake. Healthcare records are one kind of data which have high relevance and a the prime target in case of Identity theft. This kind of data, when leaked, is used deliberately for health insurance fraud, for obtaining drugs illegally by forging prescriptions and lot more.

Security is becoming a topic which needs a broad level of discussion, which is happening and will continue to happen. Enterprises should definitely enforce more security policies and stringent practices to safeguard their data and protect themselves from potential harms.

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