Top Cloud and Mobile Trends to Watch in 2016

As the new year approaches, it is a good time to look forward to what the key trends will be, so that we can take advantage of them thoughtfully and effectively. Here is a list of the hottest things to expect in Cloud Computing and Mobility this year:

A — Unfolding Key Cloud Trends In 2016

Cloud Trend 1: Rise of Cloudops -

Cloudops focuses on security, management, monitoring and governance. Cloudops is like being proactive with how systems can run over a long period of time.

Cloud Trend 2: Consistent Improvement and Security -

Year 2016 will observe improvements in current-generation cloud environments and its offerings. New applications will be optimized to operate within the cloud environment. Security will be of prime importance.

Cloud Trend 3: Containerization and hyper-convergence -

Cloud Architecture such as containerization and hyper-convergence are predicted to gain on popularity in 2016. With the widening of support for container ecosystem more micro service applications will be built on containers which enables use of new system for engagements and more modern user experiences. With the adoption of container technologies (Container-as-a-Service), growth is expected to be seen as it is more efficient as compared to the hardware virtualization.

Cloud Trend 4: Developer Driven along with Developer Friendly -

Application developers are the primary consumers of cloud services. Tech gurus and cloud experts predict that being developer friendly will not be enough. Clouds will have to make shift for being developer driven. All cloud services will have to support continuous integrations and continuous delivery. This will bring cloud closer to developers, besides increasing the competition between cloud service providers. A good news for all this!

Cloud Trend 5: Hybrid Cloud -

Hybrid Cloud solutions is expected continue to grow in 2016. Hybrid Cloud has observed an increase from 8% to 82% which has resulted enterprises to use hybrid cloud strategy and this will continue to take over the public and private alternatives. Hybrid Cloud Computing wins in terms of security and costing. Also, when it comes to the terms of scaling up, the hybrid cloud computing allows users to achieve higher server usage at very reasonable costs.

B — Key Mobility Trends In 2016

Mobility Trend 1- Adopting Mobile in Business

Businesses in the year 2016 look forward at the future of mobile through two approaches:

· Continuous Customer Interaction and

· Well-Equipped Workforce.

Both of these strategies can be well tackled by ensuring that each part of the business whether it is buying or selling. It gets easily accessible through mobile. While automating and keeping track of how each of their consumers shift their spending choices, business also looking for fully enabled mobile sales force which can help them in growing business exponentially.

Mobility Trend 2: Internet of Things

We all know that apps are increasingly becoming experiences which vary from wearables to phones, tablets, and web applications. This same trend proceeds in 2016. Mobility will have new facets which will enable handsets to link with various gadgets, vehicles and personal electronic equipment. Even the prediction says that by 2020, the number of devices connected to the Internet is expected to exceed 40 billion.

Mobility Trend 3: Threat Management

With more devices and more mobile apps, there is more risk. Security is going to be on top. How to be more secured? How can we protect the data which we generate all day? We just cannot play heck with the meaningful information. Here comes the role of Big Data. It is being predicted that there will be more analysis on data along with the changes which is how it will make it more meaningful in decisions.

Mobility Trend 4: Enterprise Mobile Management

Enterprise mobile management or ‘EMM’ is a term which comprises of Mobile device Management, Mobile Application Management, Application Wrapping and Containerization. Such tools are expected to grow more. This entails that growth of such tools, addresses the mobile management needs across all the popular operating systems on smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Mobility Trend 5: Becoming “Mobile First”

Mobile has always been a core pillar of global strategy in 2015 and this will grow further in 2016. Mobile today has become a core strategic component for enterprises and it is an important engagement tool for the personal customer relationship as everyone is going mobile. Enterprises as brand name will expect consumers to be better empowered whether through up to date content or purchases.

C — Resolutions for New Year 2016

Seeing the prominence of both Cloud and Mobility, we can say that the adoption of cloud, Mobility and IoT will go hand-in-hand. Organizations which recognize the need for mobility are better placed to attract the right talent. And enterprises must also know that in Mobility Ecosystem, Cloud Provisioning also simplifies the management of applications and infrastructure enabling significant IT-related cost savings. Enterprises will be embracing new ways of adopting technology for efficient collaboration, flexibility, speed, innovation and productivity.

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