Unboxing Top 5 UX Trends 2017!

UX Scope Trending This Year

The growth of user experience exhibits a complete paradigm shift from selling products to selling experiences. The Web is such an industry that every year we see new frameworks, new trends and a lot more. The designs have evolved from anticipatory designs to personalized designs over the recent years. Last year we witnessed some truly innovative and awesome stuff like Pokemon Go and even this year we expect to see much more bold moves in the domain of UX.

Some of the top trends to set this year on fire are as follows:

1. Time preserving designs

Awesome UX is intuitive in nature and it aids in saving the time of users. It is often witnessed in linear designs that allow only a single action at one time. The cab booking apps are a great example of such stuff. But with passing age and growing technologies over the years especially in the domain of artificial intelligence and chatbots, we are bound to witness more developed and interesting ways of time-saving designs. The imperative things like customer service interactions that are being handled by the AI chatbots will not only simplify the UX and save the time of customers but also save the employee’s time that will allow them to focus on other necessary innovations and development that will be more meaningful to their business.

2. Increased Chunking

In today’s era, we scan through the required fields by breezing through websites or via flicking through the applications by using our fingers. So our digitally turned and transformed brains have adapted itself to absorb more and better information when the information is chunked into bits and pieces. It makes it more comprehensible and aids in better capturing of our fleeting interests. The UX designers should now focus on breaking their content and multimedia aspect into smaller chunks of information for enhanced understanding and better retention. So the major focus while UX designing should be on information accessibility that can be easily reached through chunking of information.

3. Enhanced Motion in UX

Motion is one of the major components of interaction designs. The process of bringing the digital experience to life with the help of motion is a drastic way and it helps in magnifying the user engagement. It helps in turning each and every interaction exciting and meaningful and aids in drawing the users more closer. At the same time, motion can increase the flair and usability. It helps in making the information far more accessible and comprehensible through the different phases of acquiring or using the product. A great emphasis will be on improving and enhancing the navigation via various aspects like morphing searches and making use of animated grid layouts, etc. Hence a lot of focus will be on motion UX this year.

4. UX roles and specialization

UX or user experience has now become a broad category and companies will now look for more and more specialized talent. This year the specialization will revolve more around the concept of Artificial Intelligence and newer technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality and more specifically towards industries like automotive, health and fitness. As the experience becomes the product the company must learn that UX is not only the work of the designer but also the contribution of each and every individual who has become a part of the design of developing the user facing element from the scratch.

5. Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

Besides the various conversational interfaces, another vital aspect that is definitely going to make a vital change in the domain of UX and change the way we use or see things is the fast emergence and involvement of the AR and the VR technologies. There are basically four elements to take care of the processors which need to be fast, better cameras, enhanced displays and definitely enriched communication standards.

UX or user experience has thereby evolved and evolved to an extent where it is irreplaceable and needs to be incorporated and implemented well. Forward thinking and far-sighted companies are already seeing the benefits of UX in products and services and eventually adopt the concept of UX as a part of the management practice. Hence it will be a very big and motivating factor that would lead to further development in UX catering to the myriad aspects of users and simplifying their experience.

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