When to redesign your website

Redesigning a website may prove challenging to you if you aren’t familiar with the website redesign process and you don’t know when is the right time to redesign it.

In this world of technology, website leaves a very deep impact of your business and services on the audience. A process is to be followed to redesign the website rather than you think of any problem and start redesigning from the very moment to get rid of those issues.

You may find many reasons not to redesign your website but on the other hand you should seriously consider some steps and procedure depicting when to redesign your website to achieve your business goals.

· You aren’t getting the required results

· The purpose has been changed

The need of redesign occurs with the change in marketing strategies. Well, you don’t need to redesign your website with every change in marketing strategies.

The two main things to be kept in mind while redesigning your marketing strategies and website includes two main questions; which are to be asked by your own self and the company. Does your marketing strategy effects your online traffic? How often you update your marketing strategies??

If the product or service you are providing has been shifted from B2C to B2B, then there also occurs a need to redesign your website to target the right audience accordingly.

In worst case scenario, there might be a possibility that you have changed your whole product or the site’s purpose is altered, then the layout and content should be changed in accordance with your goals.

Some of the reasons to redesign your website are listed below.

· No updating since long

Well, this is the case when businesses have started making and selling products around and forget that the design trends changes every few years and the website you left behind seems outdated now.

Businesses, on every scale should update and redesign their website according to the ongoing trends and also try to make it better than their competitor’s website.

· Website is not responsive

An effective and responsive website is easily accessible from every gadget and fits the screen size of that device. The maximum visitors of a website are originating from mobile devices such as smartphones; android, note, iPhone, iPad and tablets rather than laptops and computers.

If the visitors cannot navigate across your website using different devices then the website will experience a much higher bounce rate and will lose its visitors. In this case, website redesigning and make it mobile friendly is must.

· Your website is not optimized

Your website may be designed beautifully with all latest features but may not be optimized to reach your target audience. Redesigning your website and enhancing its architecture can make it SEO friendly. You should use suitable tags, titles and keywords utilizing CMS (Content Management System) to optimize your website.

· Reflection of your brand

It is important to analyze your website in a way that it actually reflects your business or service, or not.

It is a professional approach and a symbol of credible business that your website portrays strong image of your brand. It is a small yet powerful tip to small business and startups to stand out and beat their competitors.

· Slow website speed

Website speed also has an impression on the visitor. Website makes sure the digital appearance of the company which includes its optimization as well. User Interface, User Experience and the time spent by users on your website matters a lot. The slow speed of your website can make the user think negatively about it as of its bad design or maybe like you have used a bad hosting platform. Users are impatient and require everything within nanoseconds. If your website isn’t functional under a few seconds then you may end up with the visitors clicking the BACK-button. You should figure out why your website takes too long to load and then redesign it working on the countered factors.

· Competitor Analysis

You should always keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and what strategies they are adapting to market their product. You need to observe your competitor’s site and realize how can you meet your goals by altering your website to make it better than theirs.

Instead of following the footsteps of your competitor you should thoroughly analyze that why did they redesign their website and do you have the same problems as them which are to be solved by website redesigning.

You should also learn what SEO updating your website needs to improve it.


Every business; established or a startup or a medium sized, should consider multiple aspects and factors before redesigning their website. People may talk about your changings among themselves as they did when Instagram was updated.

Try improving your existing design to leave a mark on your user’s memory rather a scar providing them with bad user experience.

It is a time taking process to identify and define your problem, find out the solutions and take appropriate measures to overcome the flaws.

It is worth following a framework while redesigning your website if you haven’t done it before.

There are different scenarios faced by small and medium sized businesses and companies and the issues faced by startups are totally different.

It is important to note that every company has its own strengths and weaknesses and to just follow them blindly, thinking of it will help you flourish your business as well is merely a childish at. You may have something unique in your business which makes you stronger than your competitor and you just require a proper platform to portray it rather than going through redesigning process over n over again.

If a friend of yours asks you to redesign your website just because he does not like your theme and layout then don’t do so considering it a friendly advice, unless your friend is a customer of your product. Approach a few sincere customers of yours and conduct interview to figure out whether the website need to be redesigned or not!

Hopefully, the reasons mentioned above will help you out in brainstorming whether to redesign your website or not.