Fui até os Cliffs of Moher pra cantar Pelebrói — O Funil

About Ana

Do you wanna know my story? Ok then I’ll tell you. I’m Ana, nice to meet you, I’m from Brazil (that’s why the accent and the rubbish grammar), I’m 23 years old and I’ve been living in Dublin for almost a year - but if you are into exact numbers it’s been 10 months, 6 days and 10 hours since my flight safely arrived at the Emerald Island. Why did I choose Dublin? Basically for a few reasons related to work and study visa, beer cliché and the easy access to the rest of the world comparing to my country (or at least the rest of Europe), and of course to live an adventure.

My main expectations about moving to Ireland were related to having a job that I ever considered before, living with all kinds of different people, meeting loads of more different ones and also learning how to deal with life by myself in a foreign language that I’ve been studying for the last 10 years in various ways from translating death metal songs and listening to live albums from the Ramones to attending real English classes with compromised teachers. Anyway, one year ago I was feeling like Rocky Balboa in the preparation scenes waiting for my departure and trying to live my last days in town with my family and friends.


So yes I spent 2 long months hoping to feel ready to get on a plane and leave everything behind with no idea of how long would I be able to stay so far from everything that I was familiar with, I was scared and happy on the same time.

For everyone who ever lived abroad all the feelings described above are not new, I guess it’s always the same for everyone it doesn’t matter where you are from or where you’re going to, fear and happiness will be always together as also courage and anxiety. Sometimes it feels like your head is spinning and your heart stops and out of nowhere your head is empty and your heart is about to explode, then you realise that you can’t go back at your decisions and giving up would be more disapointing than going and coming back after a week or a month of trial. Yes, we’ve all been there.

Well ten months ahead of that moment on the roller coaster of feelings and I’m still here, breathing and living whatever I came for. The dream job never really happened (besides 4 days of cleaning in a coffee shop — yes I dreamed about being a barista meeting random people making awesome coffee) and I had to do whatever I knew to pay my bills, but I ended up admitting to myself that I don’t wanna do the same social media cake recipes (that I was most of the times not the best baker) and really try harder in life and make the most from the opportunities. Now I’m learning how to actually edit videos (I usually do some for my youtube channel but that is only to be funny not professional) but I never know until when I’ll be able to do it and might need another job, because that’s how life goes around here.

The whole culture exchanging environment was significant to my English studies but it was only possible because I searched for it. Since I came to a place where the visa process allows me to work and study I’ve met a lot of people from my home country doing the same as me, and a lot of them kept walking in groups of Brazilian people creating a comfy barrier between their culture and everything else that was happening around them. Yes, some people never really leave their bubbles. Even though I lived with Brazilians for most of the time I had the initiative of going out and meeting people, some of them are great friends until now and some of them were one night friendships, but I always had good stories to tell and practiced my English beyond the classroom.

Another main objectives to be accomplished in my life in Dublin were about my studies, I’m graduated in Advertising in Brazil and wanted to continue my studies in Media around Europe. Therefore, I spent the year attending to English classes so I would be able to take an IELTS test and make sure that I had everything I needed to get into a university. Besides money, I can say now that I fill most of the requirements for all the great courses that I would be delighted to enroll, so my mission is apply to all the interesting masters programmes and get my fingers crossed in hopes to being considered for a scholarship, otherwise it will be impossible and useless to stay here for any more time.

I hope someone get interested enough to read everything, I’m sorry if it looks a bit boring but that’s my actual life and purposes, I swear it’s more exciting to live it than tell, and maybe that’s why I almost never write about it.

PS.: I’m sorry for all the writing/grammar mistakes, I’m still not an English ninja so you’re probably able to see them all.

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