10 (More) Tips for Over-thinkers

Welcome to the 2nd list in my 3-part series on becoming self. Consider this unsolicited advice from your blunt Aunt Joe. She’s carefree, careless, and assures these are tips you need to hear.

1. Why do you care?

Think about this. Honestly. Why do you care?

I don’t know why I care. I’ve never thought about it, but I should sit down and think along with you.

Now that I think about it, I don’t have a valid reason. My fears are irrational and the resultant anxiety is relatively inconsistent. I do know that I don’t want to care. I mean, how awesome would life be if I stopped giving a sh*t? In the moments that I don’t stop to contemplate my concerns and I just do, I feel what it’s like to let go. To be.

It’s a nice feeling.

2. Do It Anyway

No matter how much you care, do it anyway. Dance on the train. Smile at that girl. Pump your fist if you please. Whatever it is that you’ve had the urge to do, don’t hold back. As long as you aren’t causing harm to yourself or others, I condone it. Aunt Joe also approves.

Even if you’re embarrassed, the joy of doing the ‘thing’ and conquering your fear in that moment, outweighs all.

3. If you don’t have the guts, find a friend who does

Listen, you and I both know that some things take two. I don’t have the courage to road trip to Arizona on my own. Add a ballsy friend to the mix, and I just might go.

Think Marlin and Dory. They did that.

It’s easier to follow through, when you have a friend who could not care less. They will hold you accountable as they push you past your comfort zone. Better yet, a true friend will be there to catch you if you fall.

4. None of this is real

I don’t know what I don’t know. Does that make sense?

If it doesn’t then good, it probably shouldn’t. My point is nobody knows if any of this is real. We each perceive life through our own points of view, and each of those perceptions is different!

As for society, we shape it. We impose standards and our behaviors define social norms. Don’t be scared of conventions that you are going to reinforce. Define your own path. Some people will disagree, others will applaud you for doing it. None of that should matter. All that counts is how you feel about what you’ve done.

5. Nothing Matters

This is less pessimistic than it sounds.

Consider this: If nothing is real, then does anything matter?

Life is absurd. Do not let trivialities prevent you from chasing happiness.

This is advice I need to take.

Pssssst: Search Absurdism (or just click the link)

6. Worst case, you embarrass yourself and everyone forgets

Worst worst case, it is recorded and you go viral. What are the odds?

7. Rejection here is not rejection everywhere

Let’s say you try this thing. I don’t know what it is. It’s your thing.

Anyway, let’s say you do it and you’re turned down, or someone laughs, or you regret doing it. At least it’s done! You had the courage to get out of your head for a moment. You had the courage not to care.

Don’t prevent yourself from trying again at some point in the future. For every person who maliciously laughs, there will be someone who admires, and for person who rejects your idea or proposal, there is someone who will accept it.

Just Keep Swimming!

8. Stop wasting your time

We are all going to die. (I know. I’m charming.)

Time is limited, and you’re worrying about how someone will perceive you. Look, I’m guilty of this too, but that doesn't make my point any less relevant. If you only have one life to live, why spend your time trying?

9. Life Goes On

To add to the whole “time doesn't stop for anyone” spiel, apparently life gets better when you stop caring. Don’t ask me, ask Aunt Joe. She would know.

All I know for sure is that it isn’t over until it’s over. (Even after it’s over, is it?)

10. Must be nice

Take this time to visualize how awesome it feels to give zero f*cks.

Enjoy it.

Now make it your reality.

Don’t hate me if these tips weren’t life changing. This is free content, and I’m no revolutionary. Just take my words and run with them. You get what you invest, so spend your time and effort wisely. Xx


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