Fage 0% Percent

Photo by Wang Wei

I went to a local market called Schnucks the day before Thanksgiving. After barely making my way through flocks of people at fresh produce, I stopped in front of the dairy counter. The selection always intrigues me. Just then I heard a man next to me talking on his phone. “Fage (pronounced “Fa-yeh!” in fancy Greek)…” he picked up a 500g pot of greek yoghurt which I just put down, “are you sure you want the zero percent?” Then he smiled and tossed the white pot into his basket.

I bet not eating turkey for the rest of my life that he was talking to his beloved healthy little girlfriend, probably white, too. Funny that you could tell how much he pampered her through a pot of greek yoghurt. “They must be a cute couple,” I thought to myself.

I picked up three Fage yoghurt cups after he left — they must be good.

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