Autumn & Winter Color Story: How To Transition Into Warmer Clothes & Bolder Colors

Today, I thought we could talk about the winter color story, specifically how it translates into makeup and clothes. There are no rules in fashion, but sometimes I want to match the season and embrace nature’s browns, reds, and purples. I want to feel the holiday cheer when pairing my wardrobe staples with holiday-inspired silvery, gold, and shimmery pieces.

Here in the Bay Area, the winter is not wintery enough. We do not get freezing temperatures or snow. We barely get rain. I feel like we…




The essays focus on sustainable fashions, practical styling tips, and innovative brands. We want to build a responsible, sustainable, and eco-conscious community that does not give in to social pressures and finds its unique way forward.

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Abi Khait

Fashion & Beauty Enthusiast. Organization Freak. Chocolate Lover. My Blog:

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