How to Perfectly Transition Your Wardrobe From Summer To Fall

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Soon the leaves will be changing color. The sun sets earlier each evening. Temperatures during the day are often nice but evenings are cooler. Soon it will be time to plan how to perfectly transition your wardrobe from summer to fall.

We want to help you welcome the fall season with helpful tips and ideas on how to make your wardrobe transition simple, chic, and trendy.

Start With a Plan

Planning a fall wardrobe should be fun and inspiring but with so many options, opinions, and styles to choose from, it can also feel overwhelming. If you start shopping without a plan it can get complicated, expensive, and time-consuming. The key to making the process simple is to strategize. Having a plan before you shop doesn’t take away the creativity of selecting new wardrobe pieces. In fact, having a plan reduces stress so that you can enjoy the shopping process even more!

What’s Already in Your Closet?

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Before you rush out to buy your new wardrobe for the fall, we recommend reviewing what you have ready for fall in your current wardrobe. It is important to look for timeless, staple items in your wardrobe that can be transitioned from one season to the next, effortlessly. Timeless pieces are timeless for a reason. They not only stay in fashion year after year but often a good timeless piece works well in all the seasons. Cool weather creates an excellent opportunity for layers. Having a selection of timeless pants, dresses, and blouses that can transform into chic fall fashions with the addition of a jacket, sweater or scarf/wrap is great for any closet.

Start by seeing what summer styles you have that can easily transition to fall. You also want to review your previous fall options to see what is ready for another season. Remember to check the upcoming trends if you enjoy the fashion trend cycle. Timelessness and effortlessness never go out of style like these classic women’s dresses! Once you have a base fall wardrobe ready, it is time to start shopping for new looks!

Start With Your Base

We recommend starting with the base pieces for your fall ensemble. Do you have lots of effortless blouses and pants ready for fall but only a few contemporary dresses and skirts? Or do you have plenty of timeless dresses that lack classic pants and blouses? Having a set of base pieces gives you the freedom to create a variety of ensembles no matter the occasion. Whether you’ll be attending school functions, networking events, local creative culture soirees, or fundraising events, a solid selection of base pieces helps set you up for success when putting outfits together.

Everyone has their own personal style to consider when selecting base pieces. Whatever your personal style, a good fall wardrobe strategy should have a nice selection of complementary base pieces to maximize your wardrobe options.

Outerwear Is the Key to Fall

Now that you have a stylish, refined, base collection or know what you want to search for, the next step will be to plan pieces that compliment your base looks.

Fall is a beautiful time of year with changing colors, cooler weather, and longer nights. Layering is great for days when you transition from warm to cool. Having a selection of minimal, timeless jackets and sweaters gives your fall ensembles plenty of options.

If you find yourself needing to go from warm to cool without the option of keeping something larger like a coat close by, you’ll also want to consider adding in items you can carry with you and adjust to fit your current comfort needs, like scarves and wraps.

When shopping for outerwear, it is helpful to consider if these pieces may also serve you well during the colder winter season. Remember that layering works as well for warm to cool and cool to cold!

Accessories To Finish Your Collection

The perfect fall wardrobe has one more category to consider before you are set for the season. You will want to have a nice selection of accouterments to turn your outfits into your own creative expressive masterpieces. As we’ve mentioned with base pieces and outerwear, timeless accessories that work well in any season or with any trend are always worth considering like this beautiful pearl charm bracelet.

Seasonal accessories are also a great way to complete your looks. The right bag is great to carry a sweater for a cool night ahead. A trendy hat prepares you for outdoor events where the weather is a factor.

Having a collection of accessories gives you confidence that your fall wardrobe collection is ready to meet the needs of any event while letting you express your creativity and style. With your accessory collection planned, you will be set for the season.

Time to Enjoy Your Stylish Fall Collection

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Planning for an upcoming season during the current season is a great way to have fun, stay current with trends, and limit anxiety-creating moments like when you realize you don’t have a good coat to wear to an outdoor event.

That is why we encourage you to customize a plan on how to perfectly transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. When the leaves start to fall, you will have a chic, timeless outfit to wear with your apple-picking adventure or your visit to the pumpkin patch.



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