My Current Wardrobe Heroes

Abi Khait
Beauty & Style Guide with Abi
4 min readAug 29, 2022


The other day I looked at my wardrobe and realized I wear certain items more than others. My fool-proof white shirt is always in rotation; so are my bright shirt, white tee, denim, and a few tank tops. They all work beautifully in any combination and never let me down. My everyday staples get a lot of love and deserve some time in the spotlight.

I thought it could be helpful to share what I regularly wear and how I style them.

First Place: White Tees and Shirts

Of course, no surprise here. The first place goes to the White Tee and White Shirt. I wear these two a lot! To the office, running errands, play dates, and so on. I like to style these two because the white color is crisp, fresh, and gives chic vibes. No matter what else I wear that day, a touch of a clean white tee or shirt makes the whole outfit 100 times better.

My white tees and shirts are from Everlane and Madewell; they are of fantastic quality and at an excellent price point.

Second Place: Jeans

The second place goes to my Wide-Leg Jeans. I love to pair them with tees, tank tops, and shirts. They are effortless, stylish, and super comfortable. My denim selection is heavily influenced by Closed Brand. I also have a pair from Madewell and Everlane.