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6 Ways Improv Aligns With Mindfulness

What every improviser can learn from being present.


Improvisation: listening and responding in the moment.

Where do the principles of improvisation align with the practice of mindfulness?

There are many principles known to improvisers that overlap with the mindful mindset.

  • Be Present
  • Start Anywhere
  • Embrace Uncertainty
  • Be Kind
  • Cultivate Generosity

Preparing to be mindful in improv

I often tell my workshop participants that they need to quieten their mind in readiness for the activities ahead. By this, I mean for them to leave their troubles behind, at least for the duration.


In improv, we have pay attention to what is going on inside the exercise or the scene. It is only by paying attention that we can truly understand what is happening and identify places to add value or support.

The bottom line

As improvisers, we should look to become masters of mindfulness. Mindfulness can be amazingly powerful because it allows us to go with the emotion or situation as it is; not try to control it or make it more comfortable. Having the purpose of staying with our experience means that we are actively shaping the mind. Enacting this practice means that we surprise ourselves in two ways…

  1. by giving ourselves the opportunity to take scenes and conversations to entirely new places



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