Design Bugs, Maybe —

Few UX design observations that I happen to cringe on and tweet about The intention being healthy critique all the while. As a goodwill gesture, let me explain more, possibly they’re bugs and the team may fix it in the next sprint.

Keeping my word

The Login

I have been a Crunchbase for over four years (ballpark) now. It was sometime then I decided to register with the service, but guess what, I decided to use an Email and Password to signup! Who does that now, right!

What is the Issue?

The form doesn’t afford to remember my ID and Password. Why not? I or Crunchbase users “may” use a password management software to remember ID and password but why leave it to chance? But, it has a trail of strategic product decision to not let users save ID and password, then well its great, yet it might be converting into a good mental model of the users.

I’d look into the website’s browser usage data to map the various percentages of users of each, login with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Email. Then if the percentage is high enough to signify affecting even 1/5th of all users then I’d move to fix it, because of the Pareto principle.

The Squares/Card

This is most likely a bug as any website of scale or a decently sized team with the QA test exhaustively done would come across this over a matter of time. From a designer’s point-of-view it is a cringeworthy discovery. I’m sure it can be fixed by the team with code.

Thank you for taking the time.

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