How to Navigate the Salesforce Summer ’16 Release’s Summer ’16 release is their 50th, and it has over 200+ new features. If you like to make obvious understatements, you might say that this is a little overwhelming. Don’t fret, there is plenty of information out there from a variety of sources, itself, consulting companies, like Xceli Global and MVP bloggers, that can help you sift through all of the info to be found in the staggering release notes. We’ve compiled some of the best advice from Summer ’16 release blogs that will get you acclimated and ready to take on all of the dreamy new features.

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Start small

It’s a good idea to dip your toe into all of the release information with this short video from that briefly touches upon their “favorite” new features. While the video doesn’t go too deep into the different changes that have been made, there’s enough to whet your appetite and give you a sense of what’s new for whatever Salesforce cloud or clouds you work within. The video ends with prompts to visit to watch demos, access developer and training resources, and view the release notes themselves. There are plenty of consulting companies who have summarized what they think the important points of the release are on their blogs, like Bluewolf and Arkus, if you’re looking to get a written overview.

Get specific

John Gorup’s blog for consulting firm Appirio’s website encourages you to use the navigation on the release notes so you can take relatively bite sized chunks of new information. Not all of the release notes are going to be relevant to you and your organization depending on the cloud that you work within. This blog from cloud solutions firm Silverline gets specific with the “Top 5 Health Cloud” features from the release, CloudCraze postedabout noteworthy changes made to the Community Cloud, and Arkus has a post about Pardot and Marketing Cloud improvements. Arkus in particular has written blogs on the impact of the release on various clouds, not just marketing. Other consulting companies who specialize in implementation and support for specific industries will likely offer up similar pieces about need-to-know updates.

Remember, you’re not alone

Gorup’s blog also reminds you that the Salesforce community is huge, with lots and lots of people talking about these new updates on the internet, so there is a veritable smorgasbord of information out there. Gorup recommends checking out the blogs of Salesforce MVPs and administrators; he specifically cites Rakesh Guptaand Pritam Shekhawat, but there are a lot to choose from. MVPs become MVPs because they are constantly active on communities and answering questions, so it’s great to seek out their personal blogs as well. Salesforce Weekly is run by two MVPs who have provided a list of 10 new features to take note of. Essentially, the Salesforce community is ready to help you, they’re just a google search away.

When in doubt, ask for help

If you’re working with a partner, reach out to your account manager or lead with any questions or concerns. After all, you’ve hired them to ensure that your clouds are implemented and customized in a way that makes them a seamless part of your organization’s operations.

Ultimately, the Summer ’16 release has brought a lot of enhanced features to Salesforce clouds that intend to streamline and organize your operations even further. Check below for some of the company and MVP blogs discussed here.

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