How to Study for Your Salesforce Certification Exam

So, you’ve decided to get your Salesforce Certification. Congratulations, this is going to be a great boost for your career as a Salesforce expert and will definitely pay off. The next thing you need to do is study for the test so you can ace it, but there are so many different ways to prepare and services that you can turn to that it can get a little overwhelming. Here are our favorite tips for prepping for your certification exam.

Read the study guide

The best thing to do to start studying for any and all of these certifications is to download the study guides directly from Salesforce. The guide gives you a lot of necessary information, including how many questions are on the exam, what percentage of correct answers you need to achieve in order to pass, how much time you are given to take the exam, fees, and an outline of the exam. There are also a number of example questions and recommended training and references. It goes without saying that Salesforce recommends their own courses here, which are in person training classes led by an instructor.

Consider a course

There are some definite advantages to taking an in person training course in preparation for a certification exam: you will receive hands on training from an instructor selected by Salesforce, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, and you will get an intensive and extensive look at all of the information that you need for the exam. The main disadvantage to take note about both the official Salesforce courses and courses offered by other companies is that they are not free, and the SalesforceU courses in particular are rather expensive at several thousand dollars each. If you’re really set on taking a course, 7x certified Salesforce MVP Ben McCarthyrecommends Simplilearn. Although their courses are not “official,” they offer both self-paced and online, instructor led options depending on what you’re looking for, and they are significantly cheaper than the Salesforce U courses.

Self prepare

There is a vast array of free study tools available online for those of you who are not looking to pay for expensive courses, and some bloggers, such as David Liu of SFDC99 recommend self led preparations when it comes to passing some of the beginning and even advanced certifications. David mentions online flashcards from Quizletwhich are created by users, but there is a community curated list available that has many alternative websites and resources.

Use Trailhead

Trailhead is fairly new and should not be used as your sole method of studying for a certification, but it is a free resource that comes straight from Salesforce and should definitely be one of the resources you use while studying. “Trails,” such as the Admin Beginner Trail, include “modules” which are essentially topic areas, like “Salesforce Platform Basics” and which then include a number of units, each telling you how long Salesforce thinks it should take you to read through them. The trails are a good way to refresh your knowledge and essentially walk through many of Salesforce’s functions.

Give yourself a deadline

One great piece of advice from akaCRM is to go ahead and register for an exam session, even if it’s for a few months in the future. Registering ahead of time gives you a deadline to work with, something that will put more urgency behind your need to study and potentially help you to focus on your goal.

Remember, not everyone can learn and study using the exact same methods, so think about what works for you and stick with it.

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