Why You Should Become Salesforce Certified

If you’ve been working with Salesforce for a while now, you’ve probably heard about Salesforce Certifications or see them listed on the LinkedIn pages of your colleagues. If you think this is just a ploy for Salesforce to make more money, think again: certifications can do a lot for your career.

image via Salesforce

Certification isn’t for beginners

According to Salesforce, certification tests aren’t for those just deciding to start working with the system. On their website, the certification test for a Salesforce Administrator is described as being designed for people “who have experience as a Salesforce Administrator” and who “possess broad knowledge of Salesforce applications, regularly configure and manage Salesforce, and continuously look for ways their companies can get even more from additional features and capabilities.” Achieving a Salesforce certification is therefore a testament to the skills you have as a professional, as well as the time you take to study and prepare for the test.

It’s a way to get better

When describing the benefits of becoming a certified Salesforce Administrator on Quora, former MVP Gorav Seth notes that “it’s not the certification itself, but what you learn in the process of studying for it, that is valuable,” and Gorav is certainly not the only Salesforce professional to express a similar sentiment. Your experience as an administrator or a developer is always going to be the most important thing, but there is a great deal of value in the work you will do in order to earn the certification. This blog from Simplus makes the important point that studying for your salesforce certification will both deepen your understanding of the platform, as well as validate the knowledge you already possess. With renewed confidence in your abilities you will be able to do better work for whatever company you are working for, such as customizing parts of their platform and increasing ROI, that will only serve to boost your reputation as a professional.

Employers are looking for it

Even if you’re not looking for a new position right now, chances are you will be someday, and you’re going to want to present yourself as an expert to potential employers. Put yourself in the shoes of a person looking for a Salesforce employee, are you going to feel more confident about the person who has the certification, or someone who doesn’t? Taking the time to earn the certification demonstrates commitment to your profession, something that can’t always be easily expressed on a resume. All this aside, the demand for talented Salesforce professionals is growing rapidly and it has become standard practice for employers to require certification, so without the certification, it’s going to be fairly difficult to get an interview. This also applies to consulting companies looking to contract with organizations using Salesforce, and speaks to the importance of having consultants with the appropriate certifications.

Bump up your salary

If the prospect of increased confidence in your own expertise and greater professional respect just isn’t enough, consider this: certified Salesforce experts make more money. Every year, the Salesforce Denver User Group does a salary survey, and in 2015, certified Salesforce experts made an average of $16k more than those without a certification. That’s an average based on any possible Salesforce certification, but salary increase is also based on certification level. The greater an expert’s level of certification, the greater the salary they can command.

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