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Helping Women Re-enter the Workforce

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  • Some of them faced stiff resistance from their families and had no support to get back to work. They failed to have a meaningful conversation with their in-laws and husband. They could not garner any help in their desire to pursue their careers.
  • Others had sorted out their priorities at home and were ready to return but struggled to find a job. They had no clue what kind of a job they should apply for. All that they wished was a comeback in the corporate world.
  • A few of them had come to network and explore possibilities in different domains and eagerly sought to upskill themselves.
  • Keeping oneself abreast with the latest in the industry. Spend time reading journals, networking with colleagues and friends. They can do this even when they are busy raising children or doing elderly care. With short online courses available, they should even look at reskilling themselves. This increases the chances of getting hired and reduces the learning curve.
  • Technology today has made it possible to do several interesting jobs from the comfort of your home. Blogging, content writing, data entry, web designing, etc.
  • Women are good at multitasking. They should pursue their hobbies and passion and turn them into businesses. Many women entrepreneurs have started their business and run it successfully from their homes.
  • Be social both online and offline. Keep your LinkedIn profile updated. Network actively as you may be lucky to get a job through a referral.
  • Don’t let your confidence plummet if your job applications are not considered or you get rejected during the interview.



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