The Titanium Developer Environment

So I wondered, what software and tools do Appcelerator Titanium users use. Do they make Android apps, do they make iOS apps or even the newly added Windows Phone functionality. How many apps does everyone have in the app/play store.

To get answers, it was easy. Since I run TiSlack (A Slack community for Titanium Developers) I asked the members to fill in a questionnaire. I got 102 responses, which is quite a lot actually.

I am planning on running this questionnaire every now and then, to monitor changes and to understand what people are doing.


A note, most questions had the option to select multiple answers. If the sum of answers exceeds 100%, that explains it ;)

1. What editor do you use?

52% of the users use Appcelerator Studio, 28% uses Atom and 26% uses Sublime. The other solutions are much less popular. No one is coding in the cloud, which is also interesting.

2. What Push Notification service do you use?

Most people (40%) choose to go with a custom made solutions. Close is ACS, which is made by Appcelerator. This makes sense, because most people use the platform, and therefore it is easy to integrate with their tools. 3rd is Parse. This one is gaining, and I’m sure this number will be higher at the next time the question is asked.

3. What Statistics do you use in the app?

Almost 70% of the users go for Google Analytics. ACS is second, but much less popular. It mainly tracks sessions and installs, and when you create a new project in Appcelerator Studio it asks you if you want to enable it. So integrating that is super easy. I personally have both ACS and Google Analytics. It is a great combination of tools. Notable “Other” results are Custom made (interesting) and Flurry.

4. What tool do you use to distribute Beta’s?

Interesting to see most people are going for the native solutions provided by both Apple and Google, TestFlight and Play Store Beta’s. Another popular solution is Installr.

5. What platforms do you develop for using Titanium?

Since there are only 3 options, this is an interesting graph. 96% makes app for iOS, 91% for Android and 8% Windows Phone. It is great to see both iOS and Android have more than 90% market share. A great example that this truly is a cross platform tool. Windows Phone is brand new, it is great to see 8% already embraces it!

6. How many production apps do you have live right now?

Only a few responses (2 people) have no apps in production. Most people have 2–5 apps, and quite a lot of people have more than that! Great job guys!


A lot of people do things differently. It is great to see diversity in the community. I asked a 7th question too, what question would you like to see next time. Got some useful responses on that question, so the next time I will ask the questionnaire I will not only be able to compare the 2, but also have some interesting new questions.