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Hello, friend :)

I hope you’re well. Unless you don’t feel like being well — that’s fine too. I guess — in broad terms — I hope that you are how you want to be. Anyway…

Here’s FIVE interesting things I found this week:

  1. Public Domain. I often forget how much wonderful stuff is available for free, thanks to public domain projects such as Internet Archive, Project Gutenberg, etc. Maybe you do too — or maybe you never really knew how much free stuff there is!
    Either way, this is your prompt (and mine) to dive in and find at least one good book to read / film to watch.

2. Spritz. I mostly hate reading on my phone. I can’t quite figure out why, but for anything longer than a tweet, I find myself resorting to my laptop. But when I want to read a full book, neither phone nor laptop seem to cut it.

Mostly, I’ve accepted this, and just read physical books when possible, but I’m always on the look-out for some way to make the phone / laptop thing work.

And I’ve actually found it.

Trying to explain how this thing / software / concept works will take more time than I usually allow for these entries, so I’ll let their website do it for me.

PS: For online longreads, I use their bookmarklet; and to read books on my phone, I downloaded the ReadMe! app for my phone.

3. Arthur Schopenhauer. The more astute (often more physically attractive) reader among you will have noticed that this week’s WUNDERKAMMER! seems to have a theme, an artistic direction you might say (you definitely wouldn’t).
Anyway, I’ve been reading a lot this week, and this is one of the people I’ve been reading. Schopenhauer has been on my to-read list since I heard of the influence his work had on Samuel Beckett (yeah, I’m still on a Beckett kick) and these essays have already thrown up some interesting passages.
Here’s a taster:

“…I should be inclined to lay down the following rule: When you come into contact with a man, no matter whom, do not attempt an objective appreciation of him according to his worth and dignity. Do not consider his bad will, or his narrow understanding and perverse ideas; as the former may easily lead you to hate and the latter to despise him; but fix your attention only upon his sufferings, his needs, his anxieties, his pains. Then you will always feel your kinship with him; you will sympathise with him; and instead of hatred or contempt you will experience the commiseration that alone is the peace to which the Gospel calls us. The way to keep down hatred and contempt is certainly not to look for a man’s alleged “dignity,” but, on the contrary, to regard him as an object of pity.”

Read the whole text (for free, and maybe on your laptop / phone?!) HERE.

4. Bhangra Knights ft. Husan. I had a brief moment of nostalgia for 2003 this week, and here it is:

5. 10cc. So this week’s edition has taken a sharp turn. I kinda thought I’d stick with this reading-theme that was emerging, but now here we are in full-on nostalgia mode.
Although I feel as if I might be the only person who’s nostalgic for both Bhangra Knights (thanks Now That’s What I Call Music! 55) and 10cc (thanks Mom!).

Until next time… ❤


WUNDERKAMMER!’ is the German word for that great 16th / 17th century European idea of the ‘Cabinet of Curiousities’: a collection of interesting / rare things that the rich would display to their guests as a sort of conversation piece.

That’s what I want this to be, too: A conversation piece. I’ll happily show you mine, but I’d also love to see what interests / provokes your imagination & intellect. If you’d like to share something interesting / unusual with me, you can write a response directly, below — or, hmu on one of the other places I hang out (also below).

Ask me unreasonably personal questions here:

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