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It’s the first WUNDERKAMMER! of 2016! I had planned to do a year-end round-up last week (and it might arrive yet) but time and tide and forgetfulness get the better of us all.

Anyway, let’s crack on with this year, and allow me to show you FIVE things that I’ve been enjoying this past week:

  1. Virginia Woolf. To everyone I’ve ever met who didn’t immediately tell me to read Woolf’s Orlando, please try harder with your book recommendations & general life advice.
    The book is excellent so far (I’m only half-ways through) and comes with my highest recommendation (if that means anything to you).

2. Robert Graves. I just picked this up because I found some book vouchers stuffed in my wallet, but I’ve been after a copy of his Greek Myths for a few years now. I’ve begun using it as a sort of reference, or as a source of enlightening bedtime stories (many sections are less than three pages), but it’s already becoming quite dear to me. Do people say that anymore — to call something dear to you? Anyway…

3. The Cliffs of Moher / The Burren. I’ve just returned from Ireland to Berlin, but a day or so before my flight, I took a short drive (~ one hour) from my family home and reminded myself why this part of the world is a UNESCO-protected GeoPark. If you’ve never heard of these cliffs, or this whole Burren thing — I strongly recommend googling them. ’Til then, here’s just one taster photo from my walk.

4. Sea Shanties. OK, so I don’t think we’ve ever hit this genre of music in these WUNDERKAMMER!s yet, but in case you were wondering, yes, I do enjoy the occasional sea-shanty.

5. Otis Redding. This performance is basically perfect, and sums up how I feel about you for reading any of these things in 2015, and for your continued, kind attention in 2016 for as long as I may deserve it.

Until next time… ❤


WUNDERKAMMER!’ is the German word for that great 16th / 17th century European idea of the ‘Cabinet of Curiousities’: a collection of interesting / rare things that the rich would display to their guests as a sort of conversation piece.

That’s what I want this to be, too: A conversation piece. I’ll happily show you mine, but I’d also love to see what interests / provokes your imagination & intellect. If you’d like to share something interesting / unusual with me, you can write a response directly, below — or, hmu on one of the other places I hang out (also below).

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