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Letter sent on Nov 27, 2015


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Hey there :)

So — what’s been happening since we last spoke?

I don’t know if it’s the same for you, but I tend to go through periods when I become fascinated by certain things — thing that, previously, I had hardly thought about, or hadn’t thought about in years.

That’s the main impetus for the regular WUNDERKAMMER! series in this publication: It allows me to document my changing interests on a weekly basis.
Plus, the simple act of writing / copying out your own thoughts seems to strengthen them in the memory.

Anyway, you can read the most recent, 31st edition right HERE :)


Otherwise, things have been pretty damn busy.

I’m sure you, like me, have started the process of getting things organised before the big slump that tends to set in around year’s end. I’m always interested in how different people, different families organise themselves around this time of year: Their traditions (or lack thereof); their sense of ‘home’.

Just last week, I played my final show of this year, and — considering I’ve played well over 100 shows this year — it felt a little strange. It’s kind of comparable to the last day of school, but with a much sharper feeling of wanting to go back RIGHT NOW.

Fortunately, it was probably the most enjoyable show of the year.

I had a friend (Sway Clarke II) open the show for me, we packed out this cosy little venue, and just made the whole thing feel more like a house-party than a ‘show’.

Plus, the main reason for the show was to release my new EP, and there’s a certain relief that comes when you — finally — get to share something that you’ve been hanging onto for months!

If you’re interested, you can hear the new songs HERE :)


Well, that’s about all for this little epistle.

Thank you all so much for your continued attention, and your lovely words on Medium and elsewhere, about this publication.

This is a one-person operation, and to think that what began as short travelogues for friends has now reached more than ten thousand people is hard to believe!

As always, you can reply to this email, you can tweet at me. Whatever. We’re all friends here.

I also love hearing what you like — so if you send me an interesting link, it may well wind up in the next WUNDERKAMMER!.

Talk soon :)



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