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Letter sent on Oct 16, 2015


Hey there,

That’s an excellent question.

I think the last time we spoke, I was freaking out a bit, because this publication had reached 3k followers — I didn’t know what to say to so many people.

Well, now there are more than NINE THOUSAND of you — so writing this email terrifies me.


Today, I published the 26th weekly edition of WUNDERKAMMER!, meaning that it’s been six months since we started doing this thing on the regular.

Over that time, I’ve received some lovely responses online and IRL, and just wanted to say a little ‘thank you’ :)

You can read today’s edition HERE.


I’m still a musician.

Writing, recording, and performing songs is still what gets me up in the morning, and puts food in the trough at feeding time.

Sometimes, this means I get the freedom to make some fun / wacky ideas come to life, just because I feel like it.

THIS VIDEO is one of those ideas.


Finally, I wanted to do the same thing I did with my first letter to you: To get to know you a little better!

You can reply to this email, you can tweet at me. Whatever. If you’re feeling brave, you can even call me / send me a text ( 0049 163 987 2283 ).

As with the last letter, I make you the same promise: Even if ALL NINE THOUSAND + of you say ‘hi!’ to me, I will reply to EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of you.

We can talk about art, culture, pastries, weather — we can just send each other cute / funny pictures. I’m curious by nature, and this kind of experiment is nothing but fun for me :)


That’s all for now!

Talk soon :)



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