Solve The Shortage Of Power On The RV Using RV Battery

Most of the electrical appliances in our RV need to be powered by the 12V power supply system inside the car. The RV battery is like a food for human beings. There is not enough power supply, and the home appliances in the RV are impossible to talk about. Since we all know the importance of the battery to the RV, many of the friends who have just purchased the RV do not have enough knowledge of the RV battery. In the process of use, such problems will occur and the battery life will be reduced. In practice, taking our common lead-acid battery as an example, a brand-new lead-acid battery can be used for 5 years or more under proper maintenance and use. So, we should know some basic common sense about the RV battery system.

What is a battery? Everyone knows that the battery is to put the rich power into the memory and release it when we need it, just like we put the idle money in the bank. Specifically, there are several types of RV battery for use in ships and automobiles. The battery’s general properties are high instantaneous current discharge capability and weak battery life. It is a flooded battery. Check out our site for effective information on RV battery.

You should not let the battery charge less than 50%. The reason is as shown in the table. If the battery is lower than 50%, you will find that the voltage will be lower than 12V, which means the battery will not be able to start the 12V on the RV. Electrical equipment, if the power is less than 20%, the battery will be over-discharged, and the battery life will be greatly reduced. Therefore, many car friends who know more about the battery must not recommend that the battery be used less than 50% of the battery, that is, 50% is a dividing line of the battery discharge, and the battery discharge is also the most power-deficient. Can’t be less than 20%. There is also a problem. Everyone may find that the voltage across the battery after full charge will be slightly higher than the normal 12V voltage. If you have an inverter or solar panel on your RV, you can use the battery monitor to show the charge status easily. This phenomenon is normal.

Increase the number of batteries will solve the problem of insufficient power?

The lack of electricity on the RV seems to have been a problem for RV users. Many netizens started to modify the battery system of the RV. Some of them will install 2–4 batteries and instantly increase the power from 100Ah to 200Ah or even 400Ah. According to our test results in the above table, although your battery has 400Ah, you can only use about half of the battery power, that is, 200Ah.

It is well understood that the flow rate of the outlet is constant, and the last container water flow from the water injection port to the water outlet is in the form of decreasing, when the container is closest to the water discharge port. When the water volume is less than 20%, we determine that the system will not work, so a new water source injection is required. When the water injection opening is opened, we will find that not much water can be used by the water outlet. It takes time to balance the process. In the end, multiple connectors can only be used at around 60% of the water consumption. When we grafted this principle to the battery power consumption of the RV battery, this principle is basically established, which is why we can not use the battery with a larger capacity.

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