You Clean Up House. How About Code?

You should review the implementation. I call it as refactoring.

As you see in this diagram,

SDLC, Software Development Life Cycle

Your initial development is always as good as planned. Then, you add more planning, more design, more implementation on the top of original planning, design, and implementation. After tens of more implementations later, your system now look like this.

Implementation affects design, and design troubles analysis. Sometimes, we skip analysis and design for MVP projects. We just plan and implement it.

Comparing to server room crisis, we started like this, clean implementation.

Now it look like this. DO NOT TOUCH ANY OF THESE WIRES!!!

We have done so many of these.

Q: So, what’s been missing? 
A: Reviewing your implementation!!!

We call it as refactoring.

All code is legacy code as soon as it is written. Developers tend to leave dirty code deliberately to avoid blame, to meet dead line, and to avoid conversation and collaboration.

Customers never ask to review your implementation. They don’t care you refactor or not. To review your system is your responsibility to serve your customer better. Do NEVER relate this to customer or revenue.

When you have a house, you need to clean up regularly to make your family happy.

When you have code, you need to clean up regularly too to make your customer happy.

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