Bandsintown Tour Uploader

August 10th was National Day After Warped Tour Announcement Day, otherwise known as “the worst day to be a manager or booking agent” and “the best day to be a blogger.” This year’s National Day After Warped Tour Announcement Day was the first time I celebrated not as a blogger, but as a full-on suit. Two bands I manage, Knuckle Puck and Have Mercy, each announced a headlining tour at the same time on the same day. It was a lot, and it took a lot to get there.

One thing that made the launch considerably easier was not needing to individually input 30+ dates for each tour into Bandsintown. How can you avoid that as a band or manager? Use the Bandsintown parser system. All you have to do to have all of your dates uploaded to Bandsintown at once, rather than going through the system one-by-one, is to fill out the band name, dates of tour, the country, state, city, venue, description and ticketURL (if you have it). Here’s an example featuring Have Mercy. It’s a pretty easy system — just make sure to export your final file as a .xls, as Bandsintown’s software cannot handle .xlsx or .numbers. Then you:

  • Email:
  • Subject: Band Name
  • Body: Bandsintown Facebook Link
  • Attach:.xls parser
  • Tip: Bandsintown usually digests and spits out the dates into a bands profile in just a few minutes, so if you’re looking to announce a tour at a specific time, maybe hold off on hitting send until 5 or so minutes before the launch.

Download the parser template for yourself.

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