Planting a seed to grow a glowing resource

Amy Marley
Talking Allergies
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3 min readJul 25, 2021


Logo with a colourful flower — each petal unique — words say Forevability — Empowering Tales
Logo created by Tabitha J Page – www.forevability.org

To be seen
To be heard
For emotions to be conferred
To feel like you aren’t alone
Navigating the unknown
Finding words of another
An empowering way to discover
A circle of support and care
Challenges become lighter to bear
Energy left for healing
Instead of despair

Forev -a-bility

A home for enlightening infinite possibility

I have been somewhat absent the last few weeks. Missing the labyrinth of golden words and responses BUT accepting that life has and will pull my attention elsewhere from time to time.

Boj-stracted with school holidays and dusting off the allergy book series I have been working on (and off!) for the last 12 months.

Finally, ready enough to scout for feedback. Yay!

I am finding many unexpected doors along the way.

When we seek, we find - right?

Along this trail of feedback, I was directed to connect with Tabitha J Page. One of the…