Girl waving her arms around while little sister doesn’t really know where to look
When not everyone gets the joke! Matilda — unsure if she should laugh or be scared of her big sister — photo my own.

Mum sends funny jokes
When life gets too serious
Laughter is the best

If my mum senses life is getting too serious for anyone — she will send the funnies in to try and snap them out of it.

Inappropriate at times, but always sent with the intention of lightheartedness…


Matilda — 5 minutes after eating traces of eggs — sneaking a lolly from her sister’s party bag

This is the face
Of what so-called food can do

A mild reaction
Breath still in action

Allergens the trigger
No warning, no sticker

Producers fucking with food
Untold processes skewed

Numbers with no names
GMO games

What is our food eating?

Feed grown in soils or sands
Laced with chemical…

Talking Allergies

Sharing stories the impetus for comfort, support and discovery.

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