An Inflammatory, Auto-Immune, Neurological Disease

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My wife, Jeni, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in October 1980, after her second neurological episode within a few months. We had recently celebrated her 27th birthday & our 5th wedding anniversary.

This article is about MS & its effects upon Jeni, me, & our relationship.

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

MS is an…

Aspergillus: a ubiquitous fungal spore

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In my early 40s two events threatened my life.

First, my sinuses were blocked solid for 5 months. I could not breathe through my nose. Radical ethmoidectomy (removal of nasal turbinates in the ethmoid sinuses with a chisel) is dangerous because bone between sinus & brain is thinner than eggshell…


#Day 45 — Elizabeth Gilmore’s Things I Like to Draw

5-minute “Fast-Play” by me — earlier this year

Ragga the Rooster
Laying down the crowing beats
Top of the morning

I pulled out an oldie for today’s prompt. My creative pen didn’t feel like playing after a couple of intense days this week.

Adulting with a layer of parenting mishaps the trigger for an emotional rollercoaster ride.



# Day 43 — Elizabeth Gilmore’s Things I Like to Draw

Pete the Peanut was designed by me using a Stock Image purchased with rights — collage made in PicCollage

Meet Pete — Pete the Peanut, that is.

Pete has been showing up here and there over the last year and a bit.

After an intensive period of following the trail of feedback and getting some amazing help with design and editing, I let Pete sit and percolate.

Time to…


Planting a seed to grow a glowing resource

Logo with a colourful flower — each petal unique — words say Forevability — Empowering Tales
Logo created by Tabitha J Page –

To be seen
To be heard
For emotions to be conferred
To feel like you aren’t alone
Navigating the unknown
Finding words of another
An empowering way to discover
A circle of support and care
Challenges become lighter to bear
Energy left for healing
Instead of despair

Forev -a-bility



Sharing a joke — or is that a yolk?!

Girl waving her arms around while little sister doesn’t really know where to look
When not everyone gets the joke! Matilda — unsure if she should laugh or be scared of her big sister — photo my own.

Mum sends funny jokes
When life gets too serious
Laughter is the best

If my mum senses life is getting too serious for anyone — she will send the funnies in to try and snap them out of it.

Inappropriate at times, but always sent with the intention of lightheartedness…


UPFRONT DISCLAIMER: I am simply a parent making observations and sharing them as food for thought, NOT as proven facts or advice

Image ID: INH_33594_290345 from Stockphotosecrets

As I went to reply to him along the lines of – wow, so there could be a thread of connection to vaccines… there was a reply from him – An admission maybe?

Now I have a few hunches about environmental impacts and potential root causes of allergies and anaphylaxis.

Talking Allergies

Sharing stories the impetus for comfort, support and discovery.

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