An Inflammatory, Auto-Immune, Neurological Disease

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My wife, Jeni, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in October 1980, after her second neurological episode within a few months. We had recently celebrated her 27th birthday & our 5th wedding anniversary.

This article is about MS & its effects upon Jeni, me, & our relationship.

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

MS is an auto-immune disease: the immune system attacks cells in your own body, rather than (or as well as) invasive foreign cells. You are allergic to yourself.

In MS, it attacks myelin: cells surrounding nerves. Think of them by analogy with insulation around electrical wires. …

Aspergillus: a ubiquitous fungal spore

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In my early 40s two events threatened my life.

First, my sinuses were blocked solid for 5 months. I could not breathe through my nose. Radical ethmoidectomy (removal of nasal turbinates in the ethmoid sinuses with a chisel) is dangerous because bone between sinus & brain is thinner than eggshell. The blockage was caused by a fungal infestation later identified as aspergillus. It would soon have penetrated the bone anyway.

Then I began to experience respiratory distress while walking, relying upon salbutamol (Ventolin). My normally brisk walking pace slowed to ‘elderly’. I was stopping for breath, leaning on fences, always…


Planting a seed to grow a glowing resource

Logo with a colourful flower — each petal unique — words say Forevability — Empowering Tales
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To be seen
To be heard
For emotions to be conferred
To feel like you aren’t alone
Navigating the unknown
Finding words of another
An empowering way to discover
A circle of support and care
Challenges become lighter to bear
Energy left for healing
Instead of despair

Forev -a-bility

A home for enlightening infinite possibility

I have been somewhat absent the last few weeks. Missing the labyrinth of golden words and responses BUT accepting that life has and will pull my attention elsewhere from time to time.

Boj-stracted with school holidays and dusting off the allergy book series I have…


Sharing a joke — or is that a yolk?!

Girl waving her arms around while little sister doesn’t really know where to look
When not everyone gets the joke! Matilda — unsure if she should laugh or be scared of her big sister — photo my own.

Mum sends funny jokes
When life gets too serious
Laughter is the best

If my mum senses life is getting too serious for anyone — she will send the funnies in to try and snap them out of it.

Inappropriate at times, but always sent with the intention of lightheartedness and fun.

I can hear her chuckling as she sends the humour on.

Mum has the loudest laugh. Ever.

Her neighbours have even complained about it. Yep — What the?! Who complains someone is too happy?!

She sent this one today after she read my latest allergy stuff.

A cracker…


UPFRONT DISCLAIMER: I am simply a parent making observations and sharing them as food for thought, NOT as proven facts or advice

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As I went to reply to him along the lines of – wow, so there could be a thread of connection to vaccines… there was a reply from him – An admission maybe?

Now I have a few hunches about environmental impacts and potential root causes of allergies and anaphylaxis.

As mentioned before, none of them solid proof—no singular answers.

All just theories.

Integral to a bigger picture that remains, for the most part – unknown.

Was happy to see one of them being put forward for further research and perhaps a possible preventive treatment.

The intensive vaccine schedule in…


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I was barefoot and wallet-less the day I found out my daughter, Billie, had an anaphylactic reaction to peanuts. Eggs and most tree nuts were added to the “prone to anaphylactic reaction” list in the coming months.

Was expecting to do a quick pick up from my parent's house, head home and catch the last online work meeting for the day.

Well — as we know, plans can change — in an instant.

When I arrived, I took one look at Billie and knew she needed help.

Her face was swelling to a point it was unrecognisable.

She was pulling…

Australia had allergies and anaphylaxis in the spotlight this week.

But why is death the imminent impetus for change?

Not just talking allergies here.

The Present Is All We Have

Photo by Edward Jenner from Pexels

“The only true thing is what’s in front of you right now.”
Ramona Ausubel, No One Is Here Except All of Us

My journey with mold spore allergies began when I was a teenager. I remember sneezing, being congested, and feeling tired a lot from time to time. Little did I know this journey would lead me to live more in the present moment.

Later on, my mom took me to the doctor for an allergy test. They tested for all kinds of allergies, and I waited to see what reactions I would have. …

Have barely written anything! Well… this may have had something to do with it —

The word angst really doesn’t lend itself to feeling empowered.

It detracts from it.

Since I wrote this, I got distracted by my eldest, Billie, reacting to a trace of egg left in a cast iron pan.

Mis-communication and assumptions at play.

I had thought since cast iron is porous there was no way my partner would ever cook eggs in it. Well — that led to making an ass-out-of-u-and-me.

She didn’t even ingest the sweet potato I cooked in the pan, it was on her plate touching the food she did eat. …


The fight for allergy-free foods

Matilda — 5 minutes after eating traces of eggs — sneaking a lolly from her sister’s party bag

This is the face
Of what so-called food can do

A mild reaction
Breath still in action

Allergens the trigger
No warning, no sticker

Producers fucking with food
Untold processes skewed

Numbers with no names
GMO games

What is our food eating?

Feed grown in soils or sands
Laced with chemical strands

Grass or glyphosate
Is it too late?

Rage rises in me

Driving me to ask more
Who is this food safe for?

Resistance still there

Do I run and hide
Or chase the rollercoaster ride

Grow our own
Together or alone

What will become
For the food in our…

Sharing stories the impetus for comfort, support and discovery.

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