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Less than four months ago we announced co-leading the 2.5 MUSD pre-seed round in IndyKite and shared our excitement about the founder, team, opportunity, and fresh take on identity. IndyKite is now launching, a decentralized and powerful identity platform, and announcing its 8 MUSD seed round led by Molten Ventures, as covered by Few things excite us more than start-ups making it happen fast ❤️💪🚀 /

The tag line for IndyKite’s cloud-native identity platform is the Identity Knowledge Graph. Two major assets of the platform are launching now:, a way for large enterprises to provide decentralized identity with advanced authorization built on a graph, and, an open-source digital identity wallet allowing end-users granular control over the use of their identity, data, and attributes. The combination of .id and .me is uniquely powerful in its capabilities to provide data, insight, and context while giving the end-user full control. This has been eye-opening to the first IndyKite customers in terms of value and enablement and is the foundation for all-around shared excitement.

Fuel & partnership

The 8 MUSD seed round led by Molten Ventures, with both Alliance Venture and SpeedInvest doubling-down on IndyKite, is great news in multiple ways. Firstly, the fuel enables the company to be aggressive in building an awesome product, allocating resources to work with exciting customers, and adding top talent to the team. Secondly, it is great to welcome a larger international venture firm to the investor syndicate. Molten complements the ambitious crew on the journey to build and lift a great company. We look forward to further contributing to this partnership going forward.

Awesome people

Awesome companies are built by awesome people. IndyKite already has a first-class founder and foundational team in place. It´s been great to see the caliber of talent that has chosen to join IndyKite since our initial investment. With the new funding, the IndyKite team will be expanding and likely double this year. We are convinced this will be an exciting and rewarding journey for all. IndyKite is hiring, so get your ticket now! We look forward to getting to know many more awesome IndyKiters on the way! 🎟🤘



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